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Collage Series: Comin Right Up!!


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Hey guys!

So since my sister is in collage, i FINALLY had the chance to find out what collage makeup helped her even in her toughest days, such as things that save up time, money but still look better than ever,

I even have skin care comin, what helped her get a good night sleep, what hair products was there to help her out and my personal favorite to wake up your skin, add radiance and how to get rid of those nasty dark circles and puffiness!!

And even how to get your room mate to like you fast!! Not only did i ask my sister but also her friends so i can get a good survey for you guys :D!

So hope you guys stay tunes!


Why Do We Do This??


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Hey Guys!

So yesterday while i was reading a magazine, i realized something which got me thinking.. Why do you do this to yourself? Why do makeup artist, or stars in Hollywood set a certain look that we cant live up to in a normal society? Still dont know what i mean? I mean, why do they create a certain image in our head that we know we cant live it up too alllll at once, the sexy hair, the slim body, the perfect face and makeup, the perfect this, the perfect that…

No wonder why society is getting stupider by the second, guys want a Meagan Fox, we want an Edward Cullen, its all getting mixed up, its almost like we are setting certain standards and criteria no one can stand. We arnt accepting anybody these days, why you may ask? Because if you dont have the big boobs or the plum lips then you dont fit in my book of special features.

Im going to admit something to you, i know this friend who is very picky when it comes to guys or friends in general. She want the perfect guy, lets just say, a prince on a white horse. He must be tall, broad shoulders, six packs, bi’s and tri’s, soft brown hair, big eyes, cute smile, small nose, good sense of fashion and more, i can go on for ages…

I watched every guy that tried to fit in her book, and failed and slowly and painfully walked away. I felt sorry for them, i felt sorry that they wasted their time with a criteria freak. Im not hating, its just everybody is different, you can expect that perfect guy to come and run up the mountain with you on his back, THIS IS NOT A MOVIEEE!!

Which brings me to my next point. Why are people so sad these days?? Is it because Steven Spielberg is not there to direct your life as a film, cause your life isnt a movie, so nothing charming will happen like 2 guys fighting over for you, and you have to choose between hottie number 1 and 2??

Its kinda hard to tell the difference between a person who wants his life to be a script from the movies and a normal person.

I have to admit, that i, for a while, spent a lot of money to fit in a guys book, i did for a while but then he blew me off like feather in the wind. Thats when i got more obsessed with makeup, beauty and fashion related things, instead of my allowance being spend on basic needs, it was spent of makeup and cloths..

After a while, i opened my eyes and finally realized that if i or shall i saw WE go on like this, we are going to have some issues, and i mean physiologically..Such as confidence, hope, faith, self-assurance ect..

Thats while, if you know someone close to you who is like that, wake them up and knock up a little sence in them!

Love and Hope!


My Top Must Have BACK-UP Products! Part 1- Make-up


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Hey guys!

Long time no see, but today i will share the make-up products which i just must make a back up for due to the fact that i LOVE IT!! 😀

1) Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in 04 Medium – This is by far the best concealer to hide my coffee brown dark circles and my broken vein on the side of my nose. Plus i have some small veins showing on my cheeks and 1 on my nose, so this gets me to that perfect flawless look where i wanna be.

2) Kiko Soft Light Touch Powder(With Minerals) in 03 – I love this so much, a great dupe for the Mac mineralize skin finish. This powder gives a good light coverage, so it can be worn over a concealer and you are good to go! It has minerals and the best part is that it dosent give you the ‘Doll’ or ‘Fake’ look, it gives you a natural, matte finish.

3) Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in 803, 813 and 815 – These 3 colors are my go-to lipsticks. I could write a whole book about how much i love them but by then you guys would be asleep 😛 They are sheer by buildable, pigmented by delicate and they are so moisturizing even thought it was not one of it qualities. The really compliment my skin tone and give me a good healthy glow, plus it really brings the whole look together when ever i apply it. Brightens up my face and that’s for sure! I just need to have them, im actually planning on trying some other colors but for now, im just getting started using the back ups 😀

So far these are all of my back-ups, of course that is different from repurchases…I repurchase products if i wanna use it again but may try something else, but with these, these are different! I may have some future backups, so i will be updating you if i do!



How To Keep Your Hair Naturally Volumized ….


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Hey guys!

So recently my hair has been acting strange, flat. The perfect word for it right now. I have nothing wrong with my hair but it is just so..not volumized!! I love hair with has style and which has that beautiful look, so i decided to do a small research on how to put the volume back, i tried a few things and there are some things that worked for me, so he is the real deal…

Blow Drying:

Blow-dry your hair upside down and then when almost dry take one of those brushes that has bristles all around to form a circular shape and brush your hair top to bottom with it slowly while blow-drying your hair.


Apply some rollers on the roots of your hair ONLY! And blow dry it focusing on the roots with medium heat, and damn, the volume is breath taking yet natural, apply a loose hair spray, such as my favourite one, the dove loose hold hair spray.

IF YOU WANT SOME WAVES WITH EXTRA SEXY VOLUME: Then apply the rollers on your whole head and blow dry focusing on the roots, when you take it off, there will be loose waves and sexy volume !

Weekly Masks/Treatment/Routine:

Coconut Oil: Focus more on the roots when apply coconut oil. Gently message it on the roots, also at the ends. Apply a hair cap so it can build heat up so the roots would be able to suck more oil. Leave it for around 4-6 hours, i know seems like alot but the results are WOW!

Eggs And Olive Oil: Mix in 1 large egg and 1 table spoons of olive oil. Mix well and apply on the roots. Leave in for 45min then shower with luke warm water.

Ok guys hope you enjoyed this post and i will talk to you soon!!

Andrianna xoxoxoxo

Essence Top And Base Sealer Review (Nails)


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Hey guys!

So i recently repurchased the essence top and base sealer from the Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails. So i bought then both at the same time along with the other refills for the tip of the nails. Lets stop witht he Pros, Cons and the 3p’s!


Protects the nails

Stays on for a long time (TESTED) 1 week and 3 days


With french tips, it protects it

Good consistency


Cant be used on top or below the nails polish(if applied below it gets a little crispy, if applied on top, it fades the nail color its self even if the color if fully dried)

Smells Bad

Bad brush, hard to not go out of the border sometimes..

Price: 9/10

Product: 8.5/10

Packaging: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Would i reccomend?

Yes i would but nly with the original Essence studio nails collection

Would i repurchase?

Yes but with the french tips only


Andrianna xoxooxo

My Favourite Nail Polishes Of All Time!


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Hey guys!

So i have been a nail polish freak lately, but today i decided to do a post about the nail polishes which i will always love and have repurchased and will be in my collection no matter what! Lets get started!!

Essence XXXL shine nail polish in 66 Most Wanted

Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Caramel Cupcake


Thats it for now, but i will update this post very soon!!!!

Andrianna xoxoxoxoxo

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Review


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Hey guys!

So i recently ordered 2 things from BH cosmetics online and i finally received them today!!!! So i just wanna get started by saying that im way into neutral eyeshadow than colorful such as yellows, bright greens and bright colors, im a WARM type of guru, i like arm brown(alot), warm purple and anything warm in any color really, even warm olive green! SO i wanted a palette with diffrent variety of browns to work with, cause i need a palette with shimmer and matte colors so i can create more looks for you guys before i post them all at once(still working on it)!

Firstly i bought this palette with a discount price of 14 dollars which is great! It had 28 different shades of brown, both shimmery and matt colors. Lets chat about the Pros, Cons and the 3 P’s!


Blends Well
Easy Removal
Easy To Apply
Good Colors
Good Pigmentation
Good Variety of Colors
Smooth Look

Going Out

Long Lasting


Fades After 4h Without Good Primer

Price: I bought this for about 14 dollars(originally costed 19 dollars) Deal: 9/10 Normal Price: 7/10

Product: Excellent 9.5/10

Packaging: So cute and compact 9/10


Who do i reccomend this too?

I love this palette so much and i reccomend it to people who love natural eyes and eant something for everyday use a good compact, travel sized eyeshadow palette. If you are on the go and want something to fix you up, this is the one!

Would i buy again?

Oh yeaaa!!

P.S: If you want me to do a tutorial on this email me at!!

Andrianna xoxoxo

Love And Love Songs


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Lets all admit it one way or another that we have applied a song to a certain moment, in this case, a love song. There are moments in life when a song can make things better. And today its about love. Now us girl, fall in and out of love with crushes, at first we are all like ‘I love him, my future husband and my true mate!!’ and after a while after getting tired of the same person we are all like ‘Nahh, i dont like him any more, way to dorky for me’.

Thats just how we all are, us girls. But when we get serious about it (16+) we start to face the real world and the facts that we only have one guy to love but over 3 billion to choose from. Its amazing how love gets its way even though you narrow your criteria.

Recently i have been in a rather romantic mood to sing romantic songs and imagine the perfect first dinner, date and wedding( we all imagine it someday).

So recently i have been thinking. When will love songs become apart of a love scene? Can you imagine your life as a movie? I can!!

So my question is, what is the perfect love song for the perfect scenery when you meet a guy and its love at first sight?? Suggestions?

Andrianna xoxoxoxo